Luton BID Car Parking Scheme for BID Businesses

Luton BID has partnered with The Mall Luton to increase the number of staff parking spaces available to Luton BID businesses and halve their monthly parking charges (* terms and conditions apply – see below).

The new scheme, which is part of the BID’s commitment to support and promote growth, development, investment and create a sense of businesses community, will see around 100 parking spaces in The Mall made available to businesses, seven days a week, from January  to the end of November each year for the lifetime of the BID.

Monthly parking fees will be halved for businesses under the new scheme, with Local Business Parking Scheme permits costing £80 a month. (The full cost of parking without a permit per month is £160.)

There are currently no restrictions on the number of permits a business can hold although The Mall reserves the right to review this at any point.

In order to apply for your Local Business Parking Scheme permit please visit the Ask Me Point in Luton Mall.

To apply for your subsidy from Luton BID please email

Terms and Conditions

  1. This scheme, the discounted Local Business Parking Scheme permits and Proximity Card are only available to businesses located within the BID area.
  2. Only businesses in the BID area that are up to date with BID levy payments will be eligible for the BID subsidy.
  3. This scheme will be available from January to November each year up until November 2019 (excluding December). The Scheme starts in April 2017.
  4. You will need to purchase a Local Business Parking Scheme permit for each parking space you require.
  5. Each Local Business Parking Scheme permit will relate to a specific vehicle registration number.
  6. For each Local Business Parking Scheme permit purchased you will also be issued a Proximity card. The Proximity card will allow you to enter and exit The Mall Car Park barriers in the event that the ANRP (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system fails. A £10 refundable deposit will be charged prior to the issue of the Proximity Card.
  7. Each Local Business Parking Scheme permit is priced at £80 per calendar month, payable in advance. You will be required to give The Mall your vehicle registration number and notify them of any changes.
  8. Applications for the Local Business Parking Scheme permits are to be made at the Ask Me Point (The Mall’s customer service desk by HMV). You will then be provided with a permit card which you can insert into the payment machines within the Mall car park to pay and activate the permit.
  9. The purchase of multiple months parking is allowed.
  10. There are no restrictions to the number of Local Business Parking Scheme permits a business may apply for as long as all permits are solely for use by that business. The Mall reserves the right to review this at any point.
  11. No part month payments are permitted.
  12. A VAT receipt will be issued at the time of purchase if requested.
  13. Local Business Parking Scheme permit holders are only allowed to park in the designated areas. Parking is restricted to Level 5 of Market Car Park. All other areas must be left clear for customer parking.
  14. A Local Business Parking Scheme permit must be shown in your windscreen at all times
  15. No refund of parking fees will be given under any circumstances.
  16. Replacement proximity cards will be issued following the payment of a £10 fee.
  17. These regulations are in addition to The Mall’s standard Car Park Terms & Conditions, a copy of which can be obtained from Mall Management.
  18. This scheme will be monitored closely and reviewed periodically and is subject to alteration. Prior notice will be given to any major changes incorporated within the scheme.
  19. Failure to comply with the rules and regulations, including not parking in the correct designated area or displaying your permit, may incur a full day charge rate.
  20. The Mall reserves the right to withdraw permission to park to any person found not complying with the Terms and Conditions of this concessionary scheme.