Happy Birthday to The Mall Luton!

The Mall in Luton town centre is a perfect place to shop till you drop, from household, technology and entertainment to the latest trends from the catwalk, so much is on offer in The Mall.

The Mall is also celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, first opening in 1972 as The Arndale, The Mall is a much-loved space for all visitors in Luton. The Mall offered Luton a new space for people to shop, an exciting place for young families to come together as the town saw a new wave of people come to Luton. The shopping centre also saw people travel further afield, from Bedford, Stevenage and other areas in Hertfordshire.

For any Lutonian, growing up a favourite part of a trip to The Arndale is of course the swirly whirly car park. And a visit to Woolworths was always on the cards, before heading to Don Millers for a gingerbread man and finishing at Greenfields for a delicious burger. What do you remember about your trip to The Arndale?

A key feature for anyone growing up in Luton will of course be the famous Arndale flamingos. In the centre of the shopping centre, the bright pink flamingos were an iconic staple in The Arndale and are still mentioned to this day.

Although the shopping centre has been rebranded to The Mall, many locals still call it The Arndale, even 18 years after the rebrand. Some favourites still remain however, Greenfields & Don Millers stand proud in the upstairs gallery, still serving loyal customers. They both remain Luton favourites for anyone taking a trip to the shopping centre with family or friends.

The Mall is an iconic feature in Luton town centre, a hub for people to come together and enjoy a day shopping whilst ending trying to decide where to eat from all the amazing eateries on offer. From craft days, selfie lounge, children’s play area and even an indoor ride, there’s so much fun to be had in The Mall.

We can’t wait for another 50 years of The Mall Luton, Happy Birthday to our favourite shopping centre.




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