The Bear Club is home to the best jazz and blues performers on a local, national and international scale, also home to The Happy Shark Comedy Club. Voted in the top 25 jazz venues around the world and it’s right on your doorstep.

Justin John Doherty, who runs the famous venue, is also filmmaker and had run Filmstock in Luton for over a decade. An exciting film festival in Luton town centre, showcasing the best local and beyond talent for all to see over the course of 3.5 days.

A hub for all creatives alike, the venue is not only a go-to for live music, but also for its homely atmosphere. Acting as a hub for people of all kinds, a space for creatives to meet on Thursdays as they open their doors for you to meet for drinks and food from Monstera.

A grey exterior with the famous bear logo on the front, inside, the venue is dark and mysterious, with red lighting guiding your way through the vintage furniture. Wood panelled walls with imagery of famous jazz musician’s bygone, nick-knack covered walls with classic cameras, books, records and teddy bears.

Centre stage, a bear-styled jaw with a grand piano and room for a cosy band to liven-up the intimate venue. The intimacy sets the venue apart, an exciting thrill of musicians from all backgrounds walk through the doors of The Bear Club and it’s the perfect place to meet local creatives alike.

The Bear Club feels and looks cool, retro yet modern and is cemented as a Luton venue that no one, yet everyone knows about. To know about the Bear Club feels inclusive, unlike a lot of venues, this one is far from pretentious, its focus is about being a hub for music-lovers alike and that spirit is wonderful.

As well as being in the top 25 jazz venues, The Bear Club is a fantastic spot for people to come together and discuss local talent in a space full of creativity. A welcoming atmosphere is always found by everyone who enters The Bear Club, and you’ll leave longing for the next time you can go back to enjoy some epic music.

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