The Vision is to: ‘Support business growth and investment in the town centre and build pride, loyalty and positive perceptions of Luton as a whole.’

Strategic Objectives and Projects

The programme of investment will be delivered through the four strategic objectives and their related projects.

Promotion 1. Identify, develop and promote the strengths, characteristics and the business offer of Luton town centre to increase positive perceptions and loyalty of the town, locally regionally and nationally.

Environment 2. To ensure that the town centre and all its different areas present a distinctive, accessible and appealing environment which attracts business investment, encourages visitors to stay longer and fosters a pride in the town.

Experience 3. To provide a safe and enjoyable experience for visitors and workers in Luton town centre to enjoy.

Growth and Investment 4. To build on the strengths of the business community to support and promote growth, development and investment.

We encourage all businesses to take an active interest in determining priorities and planning projects to meet the aims of the BID plan. If you would like to attend any of our sub-groups or have suggestions for future BID projects, then please get in touch with Jacki Flower, BID Project Manager on and 01582 510657.

See our Business Plan HERE.