Luton Town Centre businesses voted YES to becoming a Business Improvement District (BID) in 2014, with resident businesses paying a levy each year which is pooled into a collective pot and worth around £2.5million over five years. It is this pot of funding which is used to deliver the BID events, initiatives and projects in line with the BID Business Plan.

We encourage all businesses to take an active interest in determining priorities and planning projects to meet the aims of the BID plan. If you would like to attend any of our sub-groups or have suggestions for future BID projects then please get in touch with Fergus McLardy, BID Project Manager on info@lutonbid.org and 01582 510657

Gavin O'Brien
Gavin O'BrienChair of the Board
Clearhead Media
Roy Greening
Roy GreeningDirector
The Mall
Sian Timoney
Sian TimoneyDirector
Luton Borough Council
Abbas Shaffi
Abbas ShaffiDirector
Tasty Fried Chicken
Marie Kirbyshaw
Marie KirbyshawDirector
Luton Culture
Martin Blower
Martin BlowerDirector
A Plan Insurance
Diane Quick
Diane QuickDirector
The Galaxy Centre
Stuart Sadler
Stuart SadlerDirector
Sadler Hair & Beauty
Roy Bigg
Roy BiggDirector
The White House
Gary Sweet
Gary SweetDirector
Luton Town Football Club/ 2020 Developments Ltd


Fergus McLardy
Fergus McLardyProject Manager
Luton BID
Usman Salim
Usman SalimAmbassador
Luton BID
Verity Knight
Verity KnightAmbassador
Luton BID