Luton Businesses Against Crime (LBAC)

The Luton Businesses Against Crime partnership is chaired by Luton BID

We work in partnership with:

Bedfordshire Police Service, CCTV, Luton Council, The Mall, Luton Safe and local businesses within the Town Centre.

With LBAC Membership

LBAC is there to provide a forum to share business crime intelligence between businesses and partners

  • you will have a Town Centre radio that links to CCTV, NET Officers, Luton BID and other LBAC members across the town.
  • Access to the DISC system, the UKs leading online crime information-sharing system and the LBAC Exclusion scheme, which is password and pin protected for greater security. This system can be accessed via desktop, laptop and smart mobiles and complies with the 2018 GDPR legislation. There is a day time and an evening time DISC system
  • Invite to monthly meetings with key partners in Luton.
  • Support and training for radio usage and DISC system.
  • Guidance and advice.
  • Luton Safe members have a separate evening economy forum meetings but are also welcome to join the day time meetings.
  • Members of Luton Safe are automatically members of LBAC and thus have access to the DISC Scheme

The radios are provided by Tranex directly who will also provide any support on malfunctioning radio equipment

Any business within Luton Town Centre is welcome to join up to the LBAC Membership scheme.

To find out more about joining LBAC please email or fill out the form below.


Membership starts at £308 per year, prices vary for businesses within The Mall Shopping Centre, up to £608.

An easier, more efficient way of circulating information on offenders

Greater access to police intelligence on known offenders for businesses

It gives Luton BID businesses a platform to monitor and escalate incidents involving prolific new offenders who are not known to the police.

Allows sharing between members and alerts that can be sent directly to Luton BID businesses through the DISC app.

What is DISC – in two minutes

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The Aim

To work with the business community, police, local authority and other agencies within Luton to create an
integrated and effective partnership to manage the issues of crime and anti-social behaviour.


  • To protect staff from acts of physical violence and verbal abuse, this often leads to stress related disorders.

  • To manage offending behaviour through sharing of images and information in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

  • To reduce the opportunity within the Town to commit business and other crime and anti-social behaviour

  • To assist with the apprehension and prosecution of offenders

  • To reduce the fear of crime for the benefit of staff and public by creating a “safe and secure” environment for customers, staff and visitors and to contribute to the economic viability and prosperity of the area.

  • To improve the economic and general environment of the area, subsequently improving prosperity within the area and helping to protect and create employment.

  • To encourage greater economic investment by creating and promoting a safer place to invest and work

The exclusion notice scheme does not prevent individual members from issuing their own trespass notice. All private notices should be notified to the LBAC.

To read our Offenders Privacy Notice – click here

To see Luton Town Centre Policing Team and Crime Statistics – click here

Open Letter to Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) – click here

Luton Town Centre Neighbourhood Enforcement Team

The Town Centre Neighbourhood Enforcement Teams use a wide range of legislation and devolved powers to take legal enforcement action against those committing crimes across the town.

There is a dedicated duo, which are part-funded by Luton BID, who are an additional on-foot presence around the town centre to help with the following:

  • low level anti-social behaviour
  • enforcement of the Public Spaces Protection Order
  • enforcement of environmental breaches
  • supporting local businesses
  • engaging with Bedfordshire Police
  • engaging with outreach services

The team can be contacted via the town centre radio system (calling ‘Net’) or contact the Luton BID team who can assist and liaise to give the support you need.

There is a Pubwatch Scheme in operation in Luton – Luton SAFE for night time economy businesses. To get in touch with the Luton SAFE team – please contact

Street Link National Logo

Help someone sleeping rough

If you are worried about someone you’ve seen sleeping rough in Luton, you can alert Streetlink by downloading the Streetlink app or by calling 0300 500 0914. The information will be sent to the Luton outreach teams who will respond the same or next day.

There are a number of Charities working in Luton to support those who are sleeping rough. To find out more information about these charities please visit their website

The logo of the Big Change Luton Campaign

Big Change Luton

Represents 20+ local services and people with lived experience working across the town to help people build a life away from the street.

You can donate money to this cause through their Just Giving page.

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Watch this short video for more information about Big Change Luton

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