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"These elf boots are made for walking," that's how the tune goes, right!?

Looks like our little elf has been hiding away in The Baby Shop today, he certainly is busy - how does he get any work done!?

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It's a hard life being an elf, sometimes you just have to take time for some self-care - and what better place than The Body Shop

We still haven't named our little mascot - comment below with some suggestions! 🎄🎁

#LutonBID #BodyShop #Elfontheshelf #Elf #Selfcare #selfcareday
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For such a little elf, he certainly does get around! Seems he's ventured off to have a bounce around at Gravity in @Luton_Galaxy we can't blame him really!

Where else will he head off to?

#LutonBID #Elfontheshelf #Christmas #Luton #Elf
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Small Business Saturday is a great way to get out and discover local businesses and what they are doing in your town.

Luton is full of fantastic independent businesses, who will you discover today?

#LutonBID #SmallBusinessSaturday #Luton #LutonTown #SmallBiz
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Well Done to all the winners of the @love_luton Luton’s Best Awards. 🙌🤩👏 Luton is full of truly amazing people - and it is great to hear their stories and see them recognised 😍 @LutonHooHotel #theresmoretoluton #Luton #Towngoals LutonBID photo
It's #ElfDay today so what better place to unleash your inner elf than the Elfie Lounge in @TheMallLuton

Our elf is having a merry ol' time on his travels around the town!

Comment your Elf name suggestions!

#LutonBID #Elfaroundtown #Luton #theresmoretoluton #Elfontheshelf
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