BID RENEWAL: help shape the future of our town centre

All you need to know about the Luton BID renewal process and how you can help shape the future of our town centre by voting YES. Watch our Luton BID directors explain the difference we make in our short video to the right – if it doesn’t auto-play click HERE.

Luton BID Renewal Update

In 2015 Luton town centre voted to become a Business Improvement District, generating more than £2.2million to spend in and on the town centre.

In October businesses will be voting again. If the result is YES businesses will have a further £2million – to improve and invest in the town centre.

We have achieved a lot together over the last four years but in these uncertain times we need to ensure that we create a new business plan which is fit for purpose for the next five years, so we can build upon what we have already achieved and ensure that our businesses can take advantage of the new opportunities which are emerging in Luton.

We are now circulating a survey form so that we can understand your views on the different projects which have been undertaken and identify those issues which you consider are important to your business in the future.

Please complete this survey and give us a call to let us know when we can collect it.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Luton BID Project Manager, Fergus McLardy on 01582 510657 or email

Download the BID survey by clicking  here – Luton BID Survey.

You can also read on first Luton BID Renewal Newsletter here – Luton BID Newsletter 1