It’s official – Luton town centre boasts an entertaining, diverse, safe and enjoyable nightlife, and Luton BID works hard to promote and showcase the evening economy.

Luton town centre has been consistently awarded ‘Purple Flag’ status every year since 2018 – a sought after accreditation for towns and cities that provide a vibrant mix of dining, entertainment and culture, while promoting the safety and wellbeing of visitors and residents.

The annual Purple Flag application is funded by the BID and jointly prepared by all town centre partners, including Luton Borough Council.

Luton BID will also run regular social media campaigns and is the proud sponsor and supporter of relevant initiatives to further boost town centre businesses, including Best Bar None.

Click here to view our Evening Economy Guide (please check with individual businesses before travelling)

Ask for Angela is a consumer facing campaign which allows people who feel like they are in an unsafe situation to ask for help using the “Angela” code word. They can use this codeword to inform a trained member of staff they need help. The staff member can then assist them in getting access to the discreet help they need.

A number of our Evening Economy Businesses have received training to support customers that ask for help. If you need more help after a difficult situation, please reach out to the following resources.

If you need immediate support, please ring 999.

Report an assualt anonymously or other unsafe situation-Safer Streets want to work together across Bedfordshire to reduce Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and raise awareness about unacceptable behaviour towards women and girls. Our aim is to start a conversation that challenges ideas around the acceptability of sexual harassment in public places.

Bedfordshire Police VERU– Our aim is to identify those at risk of violence and exploitation, so we can prevent harm, empower them to make better choices, amplify the needs of the community and forge a better future for our young people.

Wingman Mentors– Our mission is to assist individuals who are struggling with poverty, exploitation, abuse, addiction, mental health issues, or involved in criminal activity. We empower them by providing support, advice, and training to help them build a better future for themselves and their loved ones. Our goal is to show them that there is a way to overcome their current situation and achieve success.