My name is Shelly Ward-Lindsay and I’m an artist living, working and studying in Luton.

This artwork was originally created as part of a psychogeography project.  As I walked around Luton I made a note of the smells, sights, sounds and my interactions with the people I met along the way.  I was very new to Luton at the time having just moved here from London and I can say that although at first, I felt a little lost I was soon embraced by the wonderful people of Luton.

Through a combination of quick ink sketches and photos I had taken whilst walking I created a series of images that most people from Luton would recognise. Everything I recorded I then translated into a poem.  My intention was to tell a story about Luton from the gritty reality to our beautiful open spaces.  I wanted people to realise that there is much more to Luton than meets the eye.

Over the last three years I have seen some amazing changes happening in Luton, especially the vibrant creative scene that’s emerging within Luton’s Hat District.  As a contemporary artist I feel very excited about the opportunities Luton has to offer and look forward to the future and the positive impact this will have on everyone who calls Luton home.

Our Luton, a poem written by Shelly Ward-Lindsay – Artist

Our Luton

I see a town of many faces

Grimy downtrodden and broken in places

Pavements covered in gum and paint

Soulless figures of homelessness carpet the streets

A low buzz of traffic and faint smell of tar

Intermittent sirens near and far

Wonderfully diverse busy with life

Sounds of laughter, welcoming smiles

A market full of traders sharing their wares

The smell of different food fills the air

A strong sense of community filled with pride

Everyone different side by side

Beautiful parks with freshly cut grass

Majestic trees proudly lining the streets

Vibrant forest greens and mahogany reds

Beautiful blankets of colour wherever I glimpse

Natural habitats where wildflowers bloom

Trails between long grasses that lead somewhere new

New businesses and people bringing fresh ideas

Big changes for this town are everywhere

The once broken buildings being brought back to life

The emergence of a new town through a broken skyline

Shelly Ward-Lindsay – Artist




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Our Luton, a poem written by Shelly Ward-Lindsay – Artist

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