We Care. We Listen. We Create. We are NGYT.

All young people should be given the opportunity to access affordable high-quality arts experience and NGYT in Luton bring this to the forefront. NGYT provide young people in Luton with a platform to present their thoughts, feelings and stories in a creative way. Set in up 2012 by Laura and David Lloyd, NGYT bring high quality yet accessible theatre, dance and art opportunities to the forefront in Luton.

NGYT collaborate and work with ideas to help positively shape the minds of the next generation of theatre, dance and artists. In the past year, NGYT have been popping up all across Luton, with theatre productions held in The Hat Factory, workshops across Luton schools and out on the streets of Luton town centre.

Theatre productions addressing themes and issues actively affecting young people today open difficult conversations in and outside the walls of education. Previous theatre productions have addressed themes of Homelessness, Hate Crime, County Lines, Identity and Peer Pressure.

‘Out There’ is the latest performance from NGYT, a “fast paced, hard hitting theatre the uncovers the damaging impact of County Lines.” The piece is based on real life events, a spoken word theatre piece shining a light on the devastating impact of County Lines. Showcased throughout Luton high schools, the story will follow the character of Hannah, who is sucked further into this underground world.

NGYT work with a wide range of local Luton talent, a wide range of community sessions and workshops, from family fun sessions for children ages 0-6, dance sessions for 3-18, along with drama, theatre and musical theatre workshops.

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